Thermin Bargrimmer

Thermin Bargrimmer / Dwarf Cleric / Played by Michael S


WarBand Status – New


Thermin’s life started much the same as many dwarves – underground, in the small mining town of Taloria. When one thinks of dwarven mines one often thinks of Mithrel, or other precious metals or minerals. Taloria is not so glamorous a mine; it is a mine for anthracite coal. The coal is then sold as fuel for the forges of human dwarven and human towns alike.

The coal has many properties that make it a valuable trade commodity (it can be used both to power a forge and added to metal for hardening), but it has its own mining challenges. The pumps, scaffolding, and vents necessary for the mine fascinated Thermin from a young age. Instead of working the hard labor or breaking rocks, he studied the machines and architecture of mine.

Originally this vocation took on the normal course for a dwarf, becoming a maintenance technician and eventually a foreman guiding the expansion of the mine. According to his mother that is when he started running with a bad crowd that put crazy ideas in his head; the priesthood. He started following Torag and eventually became obsessed enough to join their ranks. This was bad enough – but then he started coming up with ideas of his own – one neither sanctioned nor condemned by the other priests.

Thermin’s new theory is that the entire world is not just a lump of stuff created on Torag’s forge – it is The Great World Machine. The purpose of the machine is unknown (to us) but the parts have purpose. This started as an intellectual hobby and was used in a motivational speech or two – “you may be a cog in the great machine – but every cog is necessary for a machine to work, therefore to the creator, no cog is of lessor value than another….” Etc.

That is when it hit him. If the world is a Great Machine, maybe there is a control room, where the rivers flow valves and volcano’s eruption timer would all be laid out before him. If such a thing existed it would prove his theory. He set out to prove its existence – and maybe find it someday

Thermin Bargrimmer

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